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Alive Alpha Lipoic Acid 300mg – Near Perfect Antioxidant!
Known as the ‘Near Perfect Antioxidant”, Alpha Lipoic Acid protects the body from free radical damage both in water and fat-soluble environments in the body. Other antioxidants can only protect in either water (e.g. Vit C) or Fat (e.g. Vit E) environments. This is truly the queen of antioxidants.
  • Scavenge free radicals and regenerate antioxidants,
  • Support good health,
  • Promote healthy glucose metabolism.
NPN 80013064

Alpha Lipoic Acid has been shown in a number of studies to help reduce the number of free radicals in the body. It also improves several components in glucose metabolism. Furthermore, it is a dietary supplement. Unlike other antioxidants, ALA functions well in both water and fat-soluble environments. This enables it to further scavenge free radicals from both inside and outside the cell membranes. Supplementation of ALA is a safe way to promote good health.

Alpha lipoic acid (ALA) is a key antioxidant and it is one of our customer favourites. ALA is a very small molecule, it is efficiently absorbed and easily crosses cell membranes, thus making it extremely effective when combating free radicals in the body. Oxidation is a chemical reaction in our body that can produce free radicals and damage our cells and ALA plays an essential role in oxidation reaction because it can terminate these damages. While there are many antioxidants on the market, a common question is, which ones should you take? ALA actually works in combination with vitamins E and C to protect cells from oxidative stress and therefore, it is recommended to take them in combination. Since ALA is both fat- and water-soluble, it is able to prevent free radical damage on both the inside and outside of cells. It also recycles vitamins C, glutathione, and vitamin E to restore their levels and effectiveness in the body.

If you are concerned about your blood glucose levels, it has been shown that Alpha-lipoic acid may benefit people with diabetes or pre-diabetic conditions by helping to maintain healthy blood sugar levels. It is commonly used in Germany for the treatment of a nerve disease called diabetic neuropathy.

Although our bodies make some alpha-lipoic acid naturally, most of it is used for metabolic function with a little left over for antioxidant protection. Supplementation with the Alive Vitamins Alpha-Lipoic Acid is an effective way to boost antioxidant levels.

With ALA you have the power to take your health one step further and allow ALA to help combat free radicals, stabilize blood sugar, protect against heart disease. Remember, while ALA is naturally produced in the human body, it is in very small amounts, and therefore, supplementation will help you see positive health results.

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