Company Awards

Our loyal and long-term staff is not something you can replicate. This is only possible with time. The fact that people stay means we are doing something right! Many of these individuals have been with us for more than 10 years, with some of them as long as 20 and 25 years. In fact, there have been a few over the years who left only to find their way back.

Our team of Wellness Associates takes pride in what they do. We believe knowledge is power. Therefore, we offer ongoing seminars as often as two or three times a month.

We have constant promotions to offer our customers the best value we can. We have a successful flyer that runs three times a year offering you some of the best deals in the country! Our other offers include: The Bottle Recycling Program, Our Instore Experience with Wellness Associates, Volume Buying Discounts as well as Customer Appreciation Day!

2015 RBC Entrepreneur Award Winner

Health store powerhouse
City: Vancouver, B.C.She might be the entrepreneurial powerhouse behind Alive Health Centre, a chain of 29 boutique health supplement and vitamin stores (some under the name of Supplements Plus in Toronto and Morning Sun in Alberta) across Canada, but you’ll find Alice Chung behind the counter at the Oakridge Mall location in Vancouver every Thursday to Saturday. “I am not a typical owner that sits at the desk,” she says. “I feel working at the store is vital and important to know what is happening at the store level and to interact with customers and the staff.”And although she’s past the typical age of retirement, she has no plans to retire any time soon. “I plan to work until I’m 80!”Born in Malaysia, Chung’s immigration journey started perhaps back in elementary school when she hoped to one day move to England. When she graduated high school in 1966, she set off alone on her journey, landing in England, then briefly Ireland, before immigrating to Hamilton, Ontario. She studied psychology and social work at McMaster University but had a difficult time finding work in the field. That was when she found a job as an administrative assistant for a health food company.After having practically “ran the place” for her boss, she decided in 1983 to open her own store in Richmond, B.C. In 1984, she opened her second store in Oakridge.“I was forced into [the health industry],” says Chung jokingly. “I wanted to get into social work, but no one wanted to give me a job!”Then Chung started getting approached by different malls who wanted her to open a store in their locations. She strives to provide the best value and quality in all her products, including her own private label products, along with the best-educated staff in the industry (170 staff across Canada).

Her success allows her to give back philanthropically. Chung and her husband, David, a successful real estate developer, have supported BC Children’s Hospital for many years and have committed to a five-year donation to help build the new oncology hospital for children, for example. “I think it’s good for immigrants if they are successful in the new country to give back to that community that is their home.”

— Margaret Jetelina