FLW 300 – Circulation & Cardiovascular

300 tablets
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FLW® Rowland Formula
FLW® is David Rowland’s original arterial cleansing formula that has been delivering results for over 33 years. FLW® provides optimal circulatory/cardiovascular support for everyone over age 40, for diabetics, and for anyone who wishes to avoid a heart attack, stroke, or bypass surgery
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Bypassing the bypass!

FLW for arteries & heart.

Alice, owner of Alive Health loves to tell stories. Over 20 years ago FLW was called the “Oral Chelation” known internationally. A German customer came to her Richmond store with a suitcase and he wanted to buy 3 sets of FLW, 6 bottles per set for him and his two other friends who have issues with clogged arteries and angina pain. He knew the success of this product from friends. The program is for 6 months. Daveloped by David Rowland, author of The Nutritional Bypass. FLW is a specially formulated multivitamin supplements but designed to clean and help to unclog chelated particles in the arteries. Take with Strauss Heart Drops to maximize results.

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Dimensions 8 × 8 × 16 cm

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