Super Collagen 90 - 450 mg

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Alive VitaminsTM Super Collagen 90 – 450mg

Customers LOVE our Collagen because it works. “After 2 months, my fine lines reduced. I am 35, it is truly not too early to start. You will be happy you did!” Shannon. Collagen fibres makeup 79% of your skin and are responsible for maintaining its structure, hydration and daily repair to your skin. It also functions as a building block for tendons, joints, connective tissues, and bones. According to the American Academy of Dermatology, skin wrinkle reduction due to loss of elasticity is one of the possible benefits of taking collagen supplements. Collagen maintains the fibrous and elastic structure of bones and joints which enable people to move freely without pain or discomfort. For best results take with Alive HA.

NPN 80065332

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