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2X Stronger and helps to promote thicker and fuller hair!

  • Promote thicker and fuller hair
  • Strengthen hair & nails
  • Promote healthy teeth & gums
  • Prevent wrinkles & keep skins elasticity
  • Protect ligaments & tendons
  • Support heart health & prevents premature ageing

Alive Hi Potency Bamboo Silica is a pure extract from bamboo shoots. Bamboo Silica is the richest known source of silica. It is the key nutrient to strengthen and beautify the body from the inside out, making it a key anti-aging mineral. It is traditionally used to treat skin problems such as psoriasis and eczema as well as improve the cardiovascular system, reduce blood clots and cholesterol. In addition to Bamboo Silica this formula contains 200mg of calcium and 100IU of Vitamin D, which are there to focus on stronger bones and tendon elasticity. Alive Bamboo Silica is waiting to strengthen you!

NPN 80042467

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Bamboo Silica Extract is the richest known source of silica; it contains over 70% organic silica and is 10X more potent than horsetail silica.

Alice Chung has been taking Alive Bamboo Silica for years and customers and friends all comment on her skin, hair and nails constantly. Not too shabby for being in her 70’s. Silica has a restorative effect on many of the body’s tissues. It is important to protect tissues in the body, as keeping them flexible can prevent serious injury and premature ageing. As mentioned, Alive Hi-Potency Bamboo Silica is a pure extract from bamboo shoots. Not only is bamboo proven to keep the body young internally, it also improves the condition of: Hair, nails, teeth and it works to prevent wrinkles as well as repair damaged skin.

Our customers love this product as they can see the results of their beautiful skin and that’s when you know the body is benefiting internally as well. Our Bamboo Silica is a true indicator of beauty “inside and out”. This Hi Potency formula is for everyone. Whether you are 20 and you want to keep your healthy glowing skin and healthy thick hair; or you are 50, 60 or 70 and want to see some improvements to your hair, skin and nails; this formula gets the job done. When customers are doing their best to try and solve pesky skin problems such as, psoriasis and eczema with topical treatments, probiotics, good diet, and gentle cleansing products, remember to recommend Bamboo silica as it is shown to greatly improve serious skin conditions. The elasticity benefits will serve you well for all your heart health concerns as it improve the cardiovascular systems(arteries), reduce blood clots and cholesterol.

For best results – we recommend a program:

Take with Alive Vitamins HairGro™ for the ultimate hair loss treatment.

Made in CanadaGluten FreeDairy FreeSoy FreeGood Manufacturing Practice
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