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A liquid boost. Vital Greens. Essential green nutrients.

It takes time to see results with most supplements, but the beauty with Vital Greens is you feel something very quickly – enough energy to work out, lose weight, keep up with your never-ending list! Ginseng to help energize. Chlorophyll to detoxify and deodorize. Nutrients and botanicals help with digestion. Superfood Complex to aid pH balance and help stop craving


Vital Greens liquid is a great-tasting formula that features over 40 herbs and superfoods for vitamins, antioxidants and more! It’s the ideal choice to help energize, detoxify, stop cravings plus aid digestion. It provides a strong foundation to aid weight loss by helping to prevent cravings, balance pH levels, plus support better elimination and increased energy. Vital Greens liquid is unlike any other supplement you’ve tried before. It is filled with whole-food, easy-to-absorb nutrition derived directly from natural food sources. This means your body recognizes it as food and easily absorbs the nutrients. Vital Greens contains chlorophyll, Siberian ginseng, ginkgo biloba, licorice, spirulina, and chlorella as well as a superfood and vegetable juice complex you can feel working within you to bring out your best health and vitality. Within just one month, you should notice a real improvement in your energy, vitality, memory, and mood!

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