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Alive Vitamins Chitosan
Great to use before you consume fatty, cheesy, deep fried, buttery rich & oily foods as Chitosan will soak up or absorb 6-8  times its weight in fat and oils and will excrete out of your body. Take with White Kidney Bean as carbohydrates and fatty foods usually go together.


NPN 80038070

Chitosan is made from the exoskeleton (the outer shell) of certain shellfish.  Chitosan, serves as a dietary fiber that can actually inhibit fats from being absorbed into the intestinal wall.  This means that fats are removed from the body instead of depositing into the thigh, abdomen or butt.  Research has shown that Chitosan is most effective when taken before fatty meals.

  • Remove fat,
  • Maintain healthy cholesterol levels,
  • Weight management.

Fats and unhealthy cholesterol are generated in our body. Chitosan plays an essential role in removing unhealthy fats, balancing healthy cholesterol levels and managing a healthy weight. It also prevents fats from being absorbed and this is why it is recommended to be taken before a fatty meal.

The benefits of using Chitosan is particularly helpful for those that struggle with extra fat on their bottom. It is recommended to take Chitosan twice a day to help with stored fat. Alive Vitamins has a convenient pill form for those that are in a rush and on the go.

Chitosan has been coined as the fat-burning formula for your gluts. Due to genetics, some people are more prone to store fat in their rear end, which from an evolutionary standpoint served to provide insulation and protection. If you have this body type, your butt is the first place you gain weight and the last place you lose it. It is always important to be proud of our bodies, no matter the shape and size, but when people are struggling and feeling like they need help to feel healthier, Chitosan is a great option to help the body burn fat.

Supplements are here to help the body do what it needs to do as well as make your body work as efficiently as possible. However, it is always recommended to treat your body the best you can with a healthy diet, physical activity and one of the best tips is to use Chitosan along with a whey protein. Having a smoothie, twice a day will help to maintain a healthy body weight. Whey protein is a fat-free source of amino acids, which stimulate growth hormones to help your body burn fat and build lean muscle mass, particularly targeting the large muscles in your behind. With any weight loss routine, a clean protein smoothie truly helps you achieve your results faster, but more importantly, it is a healthy choice.

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