Vitamin E - 400 I.U. U.S.P.

90 Softgels
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  • Provide the body with antioxidants.
  • Protect cell membranes.
  • Eliminate scarring of the skin when applied topically.
  • Provide immune support.
NPN 00611670

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Alive Vitamins offers 100% naturally sourced vitamin E, which is Non – GMO, Cold Pressed and Molecularly Distilled.  Vitamin E is a powerful antioxidant that offers protection from free radicals and is important for the maintenance of good health. Vitamin E supports cardiovascular function by blocking the formation of compounds that can increase the risk for atherosclerosis.

One of Vitamin E’s main benefits is that it is an important antioxidant.  It also supports nerve and muscle function, boosts immune system, protects cell membranes, and protects against cardiovascular disease.  Also Alive Vitamins, Vitamin E is naturally sourced.  It is in the d-alpha tocopherol acetate form.  This is the most potent and bioavailable in comparison to its synthetic counterpart dl-alpha.

Important antioxidant: Vitamin E is the oldest recognized biologic antioxidant and is very important in the production of energy.  This makes it vital in maintaining good health.  A fat-soluble vitamin, it is the major antioxidant in lipid body tissues, especially those tissues that contain high levels of polyunsaturated fatty acids like those in the brain and central nervous system.  In addition, vitamin E protects other vitamin (such as vitamins A and C) from oxidation. Not only does it protect against internal oxidative damage, it also guards against external factors as well, such as the harmful effects of pollution, cigarette smoke, and ultraviolet light.

Supports nerve and muscle function: Various neurological disorders occur in people deficient in vitamin E and may be slowed or reversed with prompt vitamin E therapy.  Therefore, it would be prudent that those who are at risk of neurological disease (people with chronic disorders of fat absorption, chronic liver disease and cystic fibrosis—groups often found to be deficient in this vitamin) be given Vitamin E as a preventive and protective measure.

Boosts immune system: Vitamin E stimulates immunity by protecting against free radicals and by blocking some chemicals which damage immune responses. Vitamin E is your body’s best friend as it can fight off invading bacteria and viruses.

Protects cell membranes: Vitamin E protects cell membranes from pollution, toxins and free radicals.  For this reason, it is valuable for people living in polluted environments and those with active lifestyles, since physical exertion increases production of free radicals.  Vitamin E also helps with athletic performance.

May help to protect against cardiovascular disease: Vitamin E may lower cholesterol by elevating the good cholesterol, HDL (which helps transport the dangerous cholesterol out of the body) thereby lowering the risk of heart disease.

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