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Purica Immune 7® Organic
Feeling sick, and tired too often? Go deeper with Immune 7® as it works to compliment mainstream treatments, increase energy, support the immune system, helps athletes & fight infectious diseases. It combines Nutricol® — a proprietary blend of super-strength antioxidants & potent extracts from six medicinal mushrooms: Red Reishi, Cordyceps & more
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Product Info:

Immune 7® provides superior support for the immune system. It may be used proactively, or to assist a suppressed immune response. Containing beta glucans and other mushroom compounds known to be highly effective in activating immunity, Immune 7®’s high bio-availability makes it the gold standard of mushroom therapy.
The mushrooms present in Immune 7® also contain the following beneficial elements:

Amino acids, including lysine and tryptophan
nicotinic acid (vitamin B3/niacin), riboflavin (vitamin B2), pyridoxine (vitamin B6), and vitamins C, E and K.
terpenes and sterols, some of which have shown antibacterial and antiviral effects
germanium and selenium, which increase the efficiency of oxygen, counteract the effects of pollutants, and increase resistance to disease.

A vast number of independent studies have shown the medicinal mushrooms present in Immune 7® to stimulate a variety of immune cells, thus providing the user with the best possible support for a weak immune response.

Immune 7® is effective for:

  • Suppressed immune response
  • Infectious diseases, including colds and flu
  • Allergies and skin conditions
  • Maintaining immunity in athletes and those who exercise strenuously
  • Stress management