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Purica Immune 7® Organic
Two Time Award Winning Formula using organic, full spectrum, micronized combination of Sun Mushroom, Cordyceps, Maitake, Shitake, Turkey Tail, Red Reshi, and Nitrocol® Bioflavonoids. Immune 7 provides a source of antioxidants for the maintenance of good health and a source of fungal polysaccharides with immunomodulating properties. Adding this formula to your daily regiment will provide you with the weapon to fight diseases and protect your body.

Micronized Mushrooms

Powerful Immune Support

Immune 7® provides superior support for the immune system. It may be used proactively, or to assist a suppressed immune response. Containing beta glucans and other mushroom compounds known to be highly effective in activating immunity, Immune 7®’s high bio-availability makes it the gold standard of mushroom therapy.
The mushrooms present in Immune 7® also contain the following beneficial elements:

Amino acids, including lysine and tryptophan
nicotinic acid (vitamin B3/niacin), riboflavin (vitamin B2), pyridoxine (vitamin B6), and vitamins C, E and K.
terpenes and sterols, some of which have shown antibacterial and antiviral effects
germanium and selenium, which increase the efficiency of oxygen, counteract the effects of pollutants, and increase resistance to disease.

A vast number of independent studies have shown the medicinal mushrooms present in Immune 7® to stimulate a variety of immune cells, thus providing the user with the best possible support for a weak immune response.

Immune 7® is effective for:

  • Suppressed immune response
  • Infectious diseases, including colds and flu
  • Allergies and skin conditions
  • Maintaining immunity in athletes and those who exercise strenuously
  • Stress management


Each capsule contains 325 mg of Immune Assist,™ composed of organic extracts and micronized organic full spectrum mycelia and fruiting bodies of the following mushrooms. Cultured on organic plant materials in a pure environment to maximize polysaccharide content and absorbability.
Sun Mushroom (Agaricus blazei) 3.8mg, 8:1 Extract & 50mg Full Spectrum
Cordycept™ (proprietary HEAA Cordyceps sinensis) 3.8mg, 8:1 Extract & 50mg Full Spectrum
Maitake (Grifola frondosa) 3.8mg, 8:1 Extract & 50mg Full Spectrum
Shiitake Mushroom (Lentinus edodes) 3.8mg, 8:1 Extract & 50mg Full Spectrum
Turkey Tail (Coriolus versicolor) 3.8mg, 8:1 Extract & 50mg Full Spectrum
Red Reishi (Ganoderma lucidum) 3.8mg, 8:1 Extract & 50mg Full Spectrum
Nutricol® Proprietary plant complex containing EGCG, OPC’s, theaflavin and resveratrol from green tea and grape.

Other Ingredients:

microcrystalline-cellulose, hypromellose.

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