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60 + 5 bonus 2g tubes
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Mitsuwa Collagen Pure BONUS 5 Sachets FREE

100% pure hydrolyzed collagen (Type 1). No artificial additives or preservatives. Highly dissolvable and easy to absorb. Conveniently packaged in individual sachets. No unpleasant taste or odour. Simply mix in your beverage to achieve natural, healthy looking skin. Product of Japan.

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NPN 80032922

Works to prevent & repair signs of aging!

Did you know that Collagen fibers make up 75% of your skin and are responsible for maintaining its structure, hydration and daily repair and therefore VITAL to our health? If neglected or exposed to damaging elements such as: sun exposure, pollution, poor nutrition and lifestyle habits; collagen loss directly influences skin deterioration and speeds up the aging process. In fact collagen starts to break down as early as in our 20’s! Maintaining collagen in our body is absolutely essential to living a higher QUALITY of life. Collagen makes up our tendons, ligaments, joints, skin and more!

MITSUWA Collagen Pure is a natural dietary supplement from Japan with no impurities, no artificial additives and no preservatives – it is 100% collagen!

Bonus pack! Get 5 extra 2g tubes! 65 tubes in total!

  • 100% natural with no impurities
  • Highly-dissolvable and easy for the body to absorb
  • No artificial color additives or preservatives
  • No unpleasant taste and easy to consume
  • Low in calories
  • Individually packaged in hygienic packs for convenience
  • 100% made in Japan


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