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Prairie Naturals Bile-Force – without a Gallbladder??

Bile-Force will support digestion, even without a gallbladder. Relieves abdominal bloating gas and fullness and maintains healthy cholesterol levels. Helps in feeling satisfied after eating, supports digestion of fats, and promotes regular bowel movements. Non-GMO, gluten, and dairy free. Who needs Bile-Force? People with poor diets, high-caloric intake from carbs, sugars, saturated fats & alcohol, obesity, those with no gallbladder or prone to gallstones, and with a fatty liver.

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Solving fat digestion challenges with Bile-Force!
Have you noticed a heavy, full feeling after eating high-fat foods? Often, this full feeling occurs when starting a high-fat (ketogenic) diet or simply eating too many fatty foods at a meal. Many people notice bloating, gas, nausea, and even pain or tightness on the right side of the abdomen, sometimes lasting longer than 24 hours. Digesting fats can also be a problem following gallbladder surgery. Bile and pancreatic enzyme production may be inadequate for anyone living without a gallbladder or for those switching to a high-fat diet. High-fat diets (around 50-70% of calories) have become popular, yet our digestive secretions from the liver and pancreas have to catch up. It often takes weeks for production to naturally increase and, sometimes, our bodies are never able to produce sufficient bile and lipase. With age, bile and pancreatic enzyme production can become chronically sluggish. Eating a diet of mostly cooked foods for decades places a metabolic burden on the body’s ability to manufacture enzymes and, over time, production decreases.

• Supports digestion, even without a gallbladder
• Supports healthy liver and gallbladder function
• Helps the cleansing of toxins from the GI tract
• Relieves abdominal bloating, gas, and fullness
• Helps to maintain healthy cholesterol levels
• Supports healthy digestion of fats
• Aids in feeling satisfied after eating
• Promotes regular bowel movements
• Non-GMO, gluten-free, dairy-free