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The MINA Pitcher is crafted for convenience, giving you and your family a simple, easy-to-use solution for healthy water. By using an award-winning multi-stage filtration process, Santevia’s MINA Pitcher creates clean, mineralized alkaline water for a busy household. Ideal for families who want a sustainable, high-quality pitcher where durability matters.

  • Boosts pH and alkalinity to make true alkaline water
  • Infuses water with calcium, magnesium and other healthy minerals
  • Water tastes smooth and fresh, like it’s from a pristine mountain spring
  • Reduces chlorine, lead, herbicides and other harmful contaminants
  • Manufactured sustainably in Vancouver, Canada
  • Features an award-winning recyclable filter design
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Experience Wellness

Through mineral infusion, the MINA Pitcher brings you healthier, pH-balanced water. Taste the difference with every sip and give your body the minerals it craves.

Advanced Filtration

Tap water is chlorinated and often contaminated with heavy metals and herbicides. The MINA Pitcher filters these harmful contaminants so you don’t have to worry about exposure.

Sustainable Living

Less waste, less harm. The MINA Filter can be easily recycled in your blue bin.


  • Filter Life: 2 months (300 L or 80 GAL)
  • Filter Reminder:
    • Digital reminder clock
    • Available through Filter Ease
  • Material: BPA- and BPS-free Tritan plastic
  • Box Dimensions:
    • cm: 28.1 L x 12.7 W x 27.1 H
    • inches: 11.0 L x 5.0 W x 11.0 H
  • Capacity: 2.1 L or 9 cups

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