Essential Silver™ 10 Spray

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Jardine Essential Silver™ – Keep it handy!

Essential for every home & purse – better than hand sanitizer! Protect your families immune system with nature’s fast-acting antibiotic w/o side effects. Jardine is the Canadian leader of silver – fastest microbial kill rate. Essential Silver™ instantly killed 99% of 8 commonly found bacterial and yeast pathogens upon contact. Potent, yet safe for both internal and external use: – spray on face, hands, eyes, mouth, nose – great for kids – no taste & highly effective – fights infections, athlete’s foot, insect bites. Get yours today!
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The Canadian leader of silver supplements and with the fastest microbial kill rate. Essential Silver™ instantly killed 99% of eight commonly found bacterial and yeast pathogens upon contact in independent laboratory testing.  Hence, it is the most effective and powerful brand of silver supplements in Canada. Essential Silver™ is the recipient of the most number of licenses issued by Health Canada for silver supplements.

Jardine Naturals Essential Silver™ is a vitally potent, safe, medicinal, bioactive ionic silver with multiple uses.  Consciously infused with an intention for your health and healing.

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