Pollinosan Allergy Relief Soulagement Allergies Spray

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Itchy nose due to allergies? Proven remedy | A.Vogel® Pollinosan® Spray:
Congested sinus caused by allergies? Try Pollinosan spray: does not cause rebound congestion. 70% of patients would use Pollinosan spray again to treat itchy nose.


Homeopathic medicine used for the treatment of symptoms associated with hay fever such as sneezing, itchy nose, scratching throat, burning eyes, lacrimation (watery eyes).

Adults (12 years of age and
over): Spray once or twice into
each nostril 3-5 times daily,
or as directed by a healthcare
Children 1-11 years of age:
Spray once into each nostril 4 times
daily, or as directed by a healthcare

Medicinal ingredients:
Ammi visnaga (Khella, ripe fruit)
6X, Aralia racemosa (American
Spikenard, fresh root and rhizome)
6X, Cardiospermum halicacabum
(fresh, aerial parts of the flowering
plant) 6X, Luffa operculata (whole
fruit) 6X, Okoubaka (dried bark of
the branches) 6X, Larrea mexicana
(Gobernadora, leaf and young
branch) 6X, Galphimia glauca (dried
leaf and inflorescence) 6X.
Non-medicinal ingredients:
Water, isotonic solution buffered
with disodium phosphate dodecahydrate,
sodium dihydrogen phosphate
dihydrate and less than 0,7%
ethanol. No preservatives necessary
as there is no backflow of solution
into the reservoir.

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