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MSPrebiotic is a second generation prebiotic produced from Solanum Tuberosum extract that is all-natural, vegan, gluten-free, caffeine-free, and contains no GMOs.

  • HEALTHY MICROBIOME – More than doubled the abundance of 5 different beneficial bifidobacteria
  • INCREASE ENERGY – Maximize your performance using an untapped energy source
  • FUNCTIONAL FIBER – Each scoop contains 7 grams of your daily recommended fiber intake
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Are you looking for a natural digestive health supplement that is a convenient, flavourless source of prebiotic fiber? MSPrebiotic (the best prebiotic supplement) is a digestion resistant starch that is carefully extracted from potatoes delivering several prebiotic benefits: the growth of healthy bacteria in the gut microbiome, improved digestion, supports regularity and a untapped energy boost. A single prebiotic fiber from a familiar source delivering benefits you didn’t expect.





Our colons are the ideal environment for these beneficial bacteria to grow and thrive. But like a garden or lawn left without water or fertilizer, our gut and the microbiome inside can also be neglected. This allows harmful bacteria to take a foothold, leading to Dysbiosis and causing a plethora of problems. Sadly, the risk of developing Dysbiosis increases as we age.

Fortunately, it is easy to keep your gut microbiome happy and to prevent or reverse Dysbiosis – by supplementing your diet with prebiotics. MSPrebiotic® replenishes the body by renewing the healthy microflora in the digestive tract. As healthy microflora feed on MSPrebiotic®, they replicate and increase in numbers, crowding out harmful bacteria while conferring numerous health benefits. This product has been clinically shown to reverse age-related changes in the gut microflora, thereby returning this ecosystem to one more typical of a healthy, younger individual.


MSPrebiotic differs from most energy supplements because it is not converted to glucose after you consume it. Instead, MSPrebiotic passes through your digestive tract to the colon, where healthy bacteria slowly ferment the supplement to generate short chain fatty acids (SCFAs). SCFAs are a natural energy source and are absorbed into your blood stream to supply energy to the rest of your body. Importantly, SCFAs are produced slowly, gradually entering the body to provide a constant supply of energy – all without impacting your blood sugar.


Modern diets lack the Recommended Daily amount (RDA) of dietary fibre, which is associated with the development of serious diseases. In fact, most people ingest only 3 to 8g of fibre per day, which is largely due to the consumption of convenient but highly-processed foods.

MSPrebiotic is both a prebiotic AND a fiber supplement. Each 10 g dose contains 7 g of dietary fiber – roughly equal to the amount of fiber that most people get from their diet on a daily basis. This fiber acts as a prebiotic because it resists digestion and feeds healthy bacteria in your colon, supporting your health in numerous ways.


MSPrebiotic comes in a flavourless powder form and can also be easily added to smoothies, shakes, or yogurt – the choice is up to you!


“I had never thought to use a product like this before and I could not be happier with the results. I constantly struggle with a variety of different foods and digesting them properly but this has helped out substantially! Tasteless but so effective I have now been able to improve my digestion and gut health all in one.” – Paige P.

“I wanted to use this for awhile before reviewing so I can feel the benefits and give an accurate review. I noticed a great deal more energy, when your gut is happy your whole body is happy. I felt more motivated and happier. My bloatedness when down so much! Very excited about that. Also, TMI alert… washroom breaks were more comfortable. I love that it is caffeine free and has a big of fibre in it. It was easy to mix in my smoothie and I even added it to my yogurt some mornings when I was in a rush. It is flavourless which allows me to add it to just about anything… shhh I once added it into my morning cereal lol Great product!” – Fran L.


MSPrebiotic is an innovative new prebiotic supplement, in the fast-growing ‘gut health’ category of dietary supplements. Unlike some of the other products out in the marketplace, MSPrebiotic has undergone rigorous clinical and laboratory testing to ensure the product provides real tangible health benefits and results. Furthermore, this flavourless powder is 100% certified FODMAP Friendly, vegan, gluten-free, caffeine-free, and contains no GMOs.

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