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Bonus size! 30 extra V-caps for a total of 150!
  • Increases Daily Energy: LeafSource effectively converts normal dietary elements into available components that are vital for increased daily energy and stamina.
  • Supports Joint Health: LeafSource contains natural elements that have proven to support joint health, reducing joint aches and discomforts caused by illness and normal athletic activity.
  • Improves Skin, Hair, and Nails: LeafSource aids in the conversion of B-complexes and other nutrients that are vital to healthy skin, hair and nails.
  • Stronger Immune System: LeafSource aids in the development of a stronger immune system. University research studies have proven that LeafSource is excellent in building a healthy blood system, which is vital to overall good health.
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LeafSource is a 100% organic mineral composite derived from highly-decomposed organic materials that have fossilized over millions of years. This ancient tropical vegetation contains large amounts of organic acids (humic and fulvic acids), proteins, macro & micronutrients, organic carbon compounds, and enzymes.

LeafSource originated during the time of the dinosaurs, in one of the world’s richest freshwater mineral deposits. Through a series of geological events, this rich organic material was exposed and slowly aged.

Thus, LeafSource is composed of highly biodegraded and compressed remains of ancient plant and animal materials.

No chemical processes or treatments are used in the production of LeafSource and it is 100% natural and organic!

What are the advantages of the LeafSource formula?

LeafSource is the most powerful humic acid formula available today, period! Most humic/fulvic acid supplements contain relatively small amounts of these organic acids. Aside from this, these formulas are derived from relatively “young” sources (thousands as opposed to millions of years).

LeafSource is derived from a geological formation that is over 100 million years old. Thus the organic elements in LeafSource are in a fossilized form and as such are readily available for use by the digestive system, namely probiotics found in the digestive tract.

Other formulas have not gone through sufficient stages of decomposition, and therefore may not be broken down effectively in the body and as such a portion will simply be wasted and passed through the digestive tract.

Observations from over 10 years of University Research And Field Trials indicate LeafSource™ is completely safe and effective for everybody, does not interfere with any medications and contributes to:

✓ Enhanced energy levels-in the majority of human studies, participants have noticed a significant increase in energy levels and when LeafSource™ was administered to animals, researchers noticed an overall energy increase in these animals.

✓ Increased nutrient availability—vitamins, minerals and micronutrients

✓ Greater detoxification—by binding to and eliminating heavy metals

✓ Increased number of probiotics (good bacteria)

✓ Lower pathogenic bacterial counts

✓ Healthier bones—decreased urinary calcium excretion

✓ Reduction in pain and inflammation—reduces inflammation by over 104%

✓ Healthier immunity—increase in T-lymphocytes—the premiere cellular immune defense system—by 43% after 60 days and an increase in total White Blood Cell count by 30% after 60 days

✓ Shorter healing times—increase in Neutrophils—white blood cells required to fight infections—by 123% after 60 days

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