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  • No side effects & clinically proven
  • Made of 5 active ingredients
  • One pack can take you around the world
NPN 80032157

No-Jet-Lag relieves symptoms such as sleepiness, fatigue, and irritability caused by long-distance travel across multiple time zones by restoring the body’s natural clock rhythm. Now you can recover from jet lag faster and arrive with the energy you need to get through your day, whether that’s sightseeing, attending a business meeting, or visiting friends and family. And on top of all that, it has a great taste!


Each 32 tablet packet is packaged on a premises inspected by a regulatory authority to ensure it meets the class one standard grade of hygiene. The packet contains enough pills for 50 hours of flying (the equivalent of an around-the-world trip). It can easily be slipped into a carry-on bag or purse so it’s within reaching distance at all times. Since No-Jet-Lag is made entirely from natural substances, you won’t experience any side effects such as grogginess.


Each 250mg tablet contains five active plant-based ingredients effective in countering the effects of jet lag:

  1. Arnica Montana (Leopard’s Bane) is used to alleviate tension and mental strain.
  2. Bellis Perennis (Daisy) is used to alleviate muscular soreness.
  3. Chamomilla (Wild Chamomile) is used to alleviate emotional and mental stress.
  4. Ipecacuanha (Ipecac) is used to alleviate dehydration.
  5. Lycopodium (Clubmoss) is used to alleviate anxiety.


Taking No-Jet-Lag is simple and convenient.

Adults and children over 12 years: Chew one tablet each time your plane takes off and each time it lands, even if you are not disembarking, to counter the effects of pressure changes, and one every two hours while flying to counter the effects of long-haul flight. Intervals of up to four hours between tablets are acceptable if you’re sleeping while in flight. It is recommended that you let the product dissolve in your mouth instead of swallowing it. Don’t worry it has a great taste !

For children under 12 years: halve the tablet every two hours, or one every four hours.

No-Jet-Lag can be used by travelers of all ages as well as by women who are pregnant. It is best taken separately from meals, but this is not essential. It can also be taken with any other medication.

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