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  • Maintain healthy blood pressure levels

BP Essentials begins with the Japanese discovery that fish protein powder (or fish “peptide extract”) effectively inhibits ACE (angiotensin converting enzyme). ACE is the enzyme responsible for blood vessel constriction – a key indicator of blood pressure health. Dr. Whitaker considers this Japanese finding a crucial breakthrough in blood pressure health, and that’s why he’s made it the foundation of BP Essentials. While BP Essentials is built around this vital breakthrough, Dr. Whitaker believes BP Essentials is a comprehensive formula for supporting normal, healthy blood pressure.

Fish Peptide Extract – This ingredient effectively inhibits ACE (angiotensin converting enzyme). This is crucial for blood pressure health as ACE is the enzyme responsible for blood vessel constriction.

Hawthorn – Dr. Whitaker included this powerful herb and highly recommends you take it because of its ability to relax artery walls – again, helping to keep blood flowing normally.

Stevia – Used worldwide as a natural sweetener, the preliminary research on this herb suggests it may also contribute to optimal circulation.


Medicinal Ingredients

  • Fish Peptide Extract (85% peptides) ... 750 mg
  • Stevia Extract (90% steviosides) ... 416 mg
  • Hawthorn Extract (1.8% vitexin-2”-0-rhamnoside) ... 180 mg
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