Biosteel High Performance Sports Mix – Orange

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  • You may alter your water levels in order to achieve your desired taste.
  • BioSteel’s Sports Mix does not contain caffeine or any banned stimulants of any kind.
  • This is perfectly safe and many customers have found this to work well.
  • The BioSteel Sports Mix does change colour in the sun. The product is still perfectly safe and effective to drink when it changes colour, as this commonly occurs with outdoor athletes. This occurs because there are truly no artificial flavours or preservatives in the BioSteel Sports Mix. Our colour comes from natural red beet powder and much like a real beet, if left in the sun it will naturally change colour over time. With one drop of food colouring this would never happen, but then you would obviously not be drinking something that BioSteel stands for.
  • BioSteel’s Sports Mix comes in three different flavours! Mixed Berry, Lemon-Lime and Orange.
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BioSteel’s flagship product provides hydration and electrolyte replacement, as well as sustained energy without the use of sugar or caffeine. This premium mix contains amino acids, minerals and vitamins which all help reduce fatigue and increase performance whether you’re competing in a sport or grinding through the workday.

What’s Inside

Mineral Blend: Minerals and electrolytes that are vital for many of the body’s functions. Consistently replenishing these key nutrients will help the body perform at its best no matter what you’re doing.

Amino Acid Blend: a blend of individually sourced amino acids (building blocks of protein) that are quickly absorbed into your body which help kick start recovery.

Vitamin B Blend: The B vitamins play an important role in metabolizing fats, carbohydrates and proteins, which are key components of energy.

Recommended Use

Adults: mix 1-2 packets, 2 times per day with 250-500 ml of water.
Athletes: mix 1-2 packets with 500 ml of water per every hour of exercise.

  • Before and during exercise
  • At the office/studying
  • Physical work days
  • Overall daily hydration
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